Hope VR Spaces, Artist Spotlight – JLF

Jason Fullwood, JLF the artist

Jason Fullwood is a rising star in the UK art world and we are thrilled to have his work included in Hope VR Spaces first showcase exhibition ‘Together we can… build an art gallery’.

A Wolverhampton born artist, Jason stayed close to home to graduate from the University of Wolverhampton in Illustration and in 2011 he started working under the name JLF.

JLF is a mixed media artist specialising in creating handmade works of art that strike a beautiful balance between mesmerising and haunting.

Working consistently over the past decade, Jason has created a stunning body of work comprising paintings, etchings, pencil drawings, collages and everything in between! He is regularly asked to exhibit his work at a range of venues and we are honoured to have four pieces of his work in the Hope VR Spaces launch showcase.

Alongside his work as an artist, JLF is a keen collaborator, creating WV1 Studio Magazine, a digital based, free seasonal magazine that was established to form a culture, a connection amongst all artists to work in unison towards a more sustainable future for all of us. 

This ethos fits in perfectly with the vision of Brum Community Media the people behind Hope VR Spaces – which was created as a response to the pandemic to support and connect creatives. BCM is made up of creative members and we are proud to include Jason in that list.

Ever-evolving as a creative, JLF also formed a sister company JLF Design, which specialises in graphic design and digital marketing. 

To see JLF’s work and hear him talk about his involvement in Hope VR Spaces, visit this new virtual exhibition at www.hopevrspaces.co.uk.

Below, JLF describes in his own words the artwork he is exhibiting in ‘Together we can build… an art gallery’

Help Me – A call to help

This piece was solely chosen for the theme of the exhibition namely the word HOPE. This piece was actually exhibited as part of another exhibition to raise awareness for Mental Health – Suicide prevention and was exhibited at the Lighthouse Media Centre in 2019. 

Spirit Walker

This artwork was one of my first collaborative pieces. My side depicts a cyberpunk infused Native American girl amidst the flames and wreckage of her homeland. The other artist is still working on the other side of the canvas. 

Silent Hill Maria

This piece was used to demonstrate my ability to do portraits, using a videogame character to bring a realistic style to her polygon face! I also selected this piece as I wanted to bridge the colour gap between Spirit Walker and Help Me and the black and red was a great choice for this piece. 

Red Balloon

I wanted to convey that not all my work is macabre and dark and that I can be very versatile. I wanted to contrast against what I have used in this exhibit by selecting a simple yet warm painting of a balloon against a blue sky.

Visit Jason’s Brum Community Media profile to find out more about JLF and purchase his artwork.

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