Kathryn Sawbridge – Artist Spotlight, Hope VR Spaces

Kathryn Sawbridge is a multi-disciplinary artist with a background in fine art & photography and we are thrilled to exhibit her work in Hope VR Spaces.

Kathryn’s work explores various landscapes and scenes, stripping them back to their basic colour palettes without the details of a realistic image. 

The Deconstructed Series encourages the viewer to look beyond the details and explore their environment on a deeper level, without everyday distractions.

During her degree in Photography at the University of Wolverhampton, her work explored identity and obscurity, and how semiotics can give clues to obscured identity. 

Kathryn has a Master’s in Fine Art from the University of Wolverhampton and has gone on to produce work that is more focused on perceptions and making the viewer question what they think they see and what they actually see. 

Over the years Kathryn has developed her work within the field of collage, specialising in Photomontage. We are delighted to include Kathryn’s work within our launch exhibition and share her extraordinary artwork with new audiences. 

When asked about being approached by Brum Community Media to exhibit in Hope VR Spaces, Kathryn said “During recent times there have been few opportunities for artists to showcase their work and yet more time to be able to develop their practice. This exhibition is a great opportunity to show my recent work developed during lockdowns!”

Kathryn is a member of Brum Community Media – visit her profile here and you can also follow her on Instagram @kate3s

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